PUT /webhooks/{webhookId}

Update a webhook.


  url Text, URL with max length 255. URL cannot contain a port and must be HTTPS.

The url that webhook events will be posted to.

For testing and initial development, HTTP URLs from can be used.

  secret Text, max length 255.

If set, All webhooks sent will include a "X-Pj-Signature" header with the post. The value of the header is a HMAC hash of the entire json payload using the SHA 256 algorithm, using the secret as the secret key.

Setting secret to an empty string will clear the secret. Future payloads will not be hashed.

Example Response

	"webhookId" : "9b5fda91-1cab-4d31-8950-0439c82e38ab",
	"url" : "https://url-that-will-receive-webhooks",
	"created" : "2016-04-29T15:53:36Z"