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POST /smartterminals/{smartTerminalId}/request-prompt

Initiate a new prompt request on the selected Smart Terminal.

Prompt requests display text and up to three buttons on the selected Smart Terminal. The label text of the button selected by the user is returned in the Smart Terminal request result. Integrations using webhooks must be subscribed to SMARTTERMINAL_REQUEST, otherwise the result can be fetched via polling

  • Send a prompt request to the smart terminal as a POST to /smartterminals/ {smartTerminalId}/request-prompt
  • { smartTerminalId } is the UUID of a specific Smart Terminal you are requesting to display a prompt. Example: 88888888-4444-4444-4444-cccccccccccc


required name format description
* terminalId Numeric This field points to the specific merchant account which the prompt will be processed through. For example: main location, second locatoin, sales department, etc. Terminal Ids can be fetched using GET /terminals.
* text Max Length 10,000 String of text that will be shown on Smart Terminal. The string is interpreted as plain text. Use "\n" to display a new line.
* buttons[]

Multiple Strings

Max 3 Strings

Max Length 8 for each string

Label for each button displayed on the screen. Buttons are displayed in the order they're defined.

Example Request

curl${smartTerminalId}/request-prompt \
    -u login:password \
    -H Accept:application/json \
    -H 'X-PJ-Application-Key: ${YOUR_PRODUCTION_APP_KEY}' \
    -d terminalId=${terminalId} \
    -d text="Do you agree to the terms of service?" \
    -d buttons[]=Yes \
    -d buttons[]=No \
    -d buttons[]=Maybe

Example Response

HTTP 200 - Successful Request

  "requestId" : "1223e21e-9e51-484d-9612-30a2570a53d4"

HTTP 400 - Validation Error

  "errors" : [ {
    "message" : "size must be between 1 and 3",
    "parameter" : "buttons",
    "type" : "invalid"
  }, {
    "message" : "size must be between 1 and 8",
    "parameter" : "buttons[0].<list element>",
    "type" : "invalid"
  } ]