Development Sandbox

The following information will allow you to process transactions via the PayJunction test account (i.e. sandbox). Additionally, you will be able to login to the test account in order to view all test transactions. All transactions that are processed via the test environment are for testing purposes only and no money will be collected.

Communicating with the REST API via the Test Account:

When testing, all API requests must use the following domain:


For initial testing, you can use the following PayJunction Demo API Login and Password:

  • API Login: pj-ql-01
  • API Password: pj-ql-01p

This will process transactions through our open PayJunction Demo sandbox account. To see your test transactions online, follow the instructions below to log into the PayJunction Demo Virtual Terminal.

See this article for more details on Authentication.

The PayJunction Demo account is not private. Transaction and customer data is deleted each day.

For more in depth testing in a private, persistent sandbox account please create your own API credentials in the account provided to you when you registered for your application key.

The Tokenization API requires the use of a private sandbox account.

Logging in to the PayJunction Demo Virtual Terminal (Sandbox / Web Interface)

You can login to our Demo Virtual Terminal (i.e. sandbox, testing environment) to verify that the correct data is being sent/received for the test account. 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Login"
  3. Login: payjunctiondemo
  4. Password: demo123
  5. Click on Search, Recent or Batches, to find transactions

Test Credit Card information

Use the following test card numbers to process test transactions.

  • Test Credit Cards:
    • Visa:
      • 4444333322221111
      • 4242424242424242
      • 4111111111111111
    • Mastercard:
      • 5105105105105100
      • 5555555555554444
      • 2223000048400011
    • Amex:
      • 371449635398431
      • 343434343434343
      • 378282246310005
    • Discover:
      • 6011111111111117
      • 6011000400000000
      • 6011000990139424
    • Diner Club:
      • 36148900647913
      • 36700102000000
      • 30569309025904
    • JCB:
      • 3566111111111113
      • 3528000700000000
      • 3530111333300000


  • Test Expiration Date: 01/22
  • Test CVV: 999 [or 9999 for Amex] (If your settings are checking for CVV)

  • Test Address: 1903 (If your settings are checking for Address)
  • Zip Code: 93101 (If your settings are checking for Zip Code)

  • Test Card Track: %B4444333322221111^First/Last^2201980100000?;4444333322221111=2201980100000?
PayJunction will always display the following last 4 digits for each card type.
  • Visa: 1111
  • Mastercard: 5100
  • Amex: 8431
  • Discover: 1117
  • Diner Club: 7913
  • JCB: 1113
For instance, for Visa, 1111 will always be displayed as the last 4 of the card, even if the 4242424242424242 test card number is used.

Test ACH Routing & Account Numbers:

Test Routing Number and Test Account Number for ACH Transactions:

  • Routing: 104000016
  • Account: 123456789

Please Note: Shared Development Environment

The demo account is used by many individuals at the same time. Therefore, the security settings (AVS, CVV) may fluctuate if there are others that are modifying them while you are testing. You can update the security settings by following the instructions on this article:

How to Update Security Settings for API and Hosted Payments