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  • Production Server

    For processing live transactions

  • Test Server

    For development

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Development Sandbox

The following information will allow you to process transactions via the PayJunction test account (i.e. sandbox). Additionally, you will be able to login to the test account in order to view all test transactions. All transactions that are processed via the test environment are for testing purposes only and no money will be collected.

To follow the steps below you must have already registered for your application key and activated the private account provided.

Communicating with the REST API via the Test Account:

When testing, all API requests must use the following domain:


You will need the following information to authenticate and process API requests:

See this article for more details regarding Authentication requirements for sending the API Login and API Password.

To see your test transactions online, log into the PayJunction Demo Virtual Terminal.

Logging in to the PayJunction Demo Virtual Terminal (Sandbox / Web Interface)

You can log into your Demo Virtual Terminal (i.e. sandbox, testing environment) to verify that transactions are processing and the correct data is being sent/received.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Login"
  3. Login: The Virtual Terminal Login for your sandbox. (or use the Shared Demo Virtual Terminal)
  4. Password: The Virtual Terminal Password for your sandbox. (or use the Shared Demo Virtual Terminal)
  5. Click on Search, Recent or Batches, to find transactions

Test Credit Card information