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POST /transactions/{transactionId}/receipts/latest/email

Email a receipt.

On success, returns HTTP Response 204 No Content


required name format description
* to Email Email to send receipt to
* replyTo Email Email in the reply-to field. If the customer responds it will be sent to this address.
  requestSignature boolean true, false Indicate whether you want a remote signature to be requested in the receipt e-mail. Defaults to true.
Setting requestSignature to "true" will only initiate a signature request if the receipt is NOT already signed. To collect a new signature the merchant must initiate the receipt email and check the Request Signature option from the PayJunction Virtual Terminal. The merchant must then confirm that they understand doing so will delete the existing signature. This is to ensure that integrations do not accidentally delete saved signatures and force the user to accept responsibility for deleting an existing signature.
The PayJunction Smart Terminal can be used to collect signatures for authorizations outside of the payment process itself, such as additional agreements for treatment or indemnification for providing service:

POST /smartterminals/{smartTerminalId}/request-signature