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Supported Frameworks and Libraries

PayJunction's No-code Payments Integration extension supports the following frameworks and libraries by default.


Supported Frameworks and Libraries

  1. ReactJS

    1. MUI: React    Autocomplete component - Material UI
    2. Ant Design:   Components Overview - Ant Design
    3. Bootstrap:     Accordion | React Bootstrap
    4. Chakra UI:     Components
    5. Semantic UI:    Button - Semantic UI React
    6. Evengreen UI:    Evergreen
    7. React Select:    React-Select
    8. NextUI:    Button
  2. VueJS

    1. Vuetify:    Vuetify — A Material Design Framework for Vue.js
    2. Quasar:    Quasar Components | Quasar Framework
    3. Element:    Element - The world's most popular Vue UI framework
    4. Bootstrap:    Dropdown | Components | BootstrapVue
    5. Semantic UI:    Semantic UI Vue
    6. Vue Material:    Vue Material
    7. Buefy:    Button | Buefy
  3. Angular

    1. Angular Material:    Angular Material
    2. NG Bootstrap:    Angular powered Bootstrap
    3. PrimeNG:    Angular Dropdown Component
    4. Clarity:    Overview | Clarity Design System
    5. Onsen UI:    Onsen UI Framework for Hybrid Mobile Apps and PWA - Theme Roller
  4. Ember.js

    1. Ember EUI:    Ember Eui
    2. Ember Paper:    ember-paper - The Ember approach to Material Design.
    3. Ember Bootstrap:    Ember Bootstrap
    4. Ember Semantic UI:    Semantic-UI-Ember Demo and Documentation
    5. Ember UIKit:    ember-uikit
  5. Backbone.js

    1. Marionette.js:
  6. Svelte

    1. Svelte Material UI:
  7. Preact

    1. Preact:    Preact
    2. Preact Material Components:    Button
  8. Alpine.js

    1. AlpineJs Components:    Dropdown Component — Alpine.js
    2. Pines UI:    Pines - Alpine and Tailwind UI Library


Request Additional Frameworks and Libraries

Click here to let us know if your software solution uses a framework or library that is not listed above.