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POST /customers/{customerId}/vaults

Store card or ACH payment information for a customer in Payjunction’s secure Vault.

The billing address for the payment can also be specified.

Maximum vaults per customer: 50


Prior Transaction

required name format description
* transactionId Numeric An existing transactionId to attach as a new vault under the customer

Address information must still be added to the vault by either referencing an addressId or by including the address information as specified in the optional parameters below for AVS verification on card accounts. This applies whether or not an address was used on the original transaction that created the transactionId.

It is recommended for transactionIds on card accounts to check the AVS results of the original transaction using GET /transactions/{transactionId} and to use the address information from the transaction details for the vault address information to prevent unexpected declines.


required name format description
* achRoutingNumber ABA Routing Number ACH Routing Number
* achAccountNumber [0-9]{,17} ACH Account Number
* achAccountType CHECKING, SAVINGS ACH Account Type
* achType CCD, PPD Default ACH Type


required name format description
* cardNumber 5105105105105100,
5105 1051 0510 5100
Valid Card Number
* cardExpMonth 1-12 Card Expiration Month
* cardExpYear YYYY, YY Card Expiration Year


required name format description
* tokenId Valid Token ID A Token ID created using JavaScript Tokenization.
required name format description
  address Text, Max Length 128 Billing Address
  city Text, Max Length 32 Billing City
  state Text, Max Length 32 Billing State
  zip Text, Max Length 12 Billing Zip
  addressId   Address Id of an existing Customer Address. If present, this address will be used as the Billing Address for the Vault. The other address parameters will be ignored.


Example Response

      "vaultId": 942, 
      "uri": "", 
      "customerId": 916, 
      "type": "ACH", 
      "accountType": "CHECKING", 
      "lastFour": "6789", 
      "achRoutingNumber": "104000016", 
      "achType": "PPD", 
      "created": "2013-11-19T04:05:30Z", 
      "lastModified": "2013-11-19T04:05:30Z", 
      "address": {
            "addressId": 878, 
            "uri": "", 
            "address": "123 State St", 
            "city": "Santa Barbara", 
            "state": "CA", 
            "zip": "93105", 
            "created": "2013-11-19T04:05:30Z", 
            "lastModified": "2013-11-19T04:05:30Z"