GET /customers/{customerId}/vaults

This API endpoint uses pagination.

Customer Vaults are limited to 50 per customer, however if the limit parameter is submitted with a value less than 50, the pagination will be triggered.

To ensure all query results are received when using the limit parameter on this endpoint, make sure to read our Pagination article.

Get all vaults for the specified customer. Returns a results array with vault objects.

Example Response

      "results": [
                  "vaultId": 1241, 
                  "uri": "", 
                  "type": "ACH", 
                  "accountType": "CHECKING", 
                  "lastFour": "6789", 
                  "achRoutingNumber": "121000358", 
                  "achType": "PPD", 
                  "created": "2013-12-04T02:04:32Z", 
                  "lastModified": "2013-12-04T02:04:32Z"
                  "vaultId": 1239, 
                  "uri": "", 
                  "type": "CARD", 
                  "accountType": "MASTERCARD", 
                  "lastFour": "7012", 
                  "cardExpMonth": 5, 
                  "cardExpYear": 2020, 
                  "created": "2013-12-04T02:01:04Z", 
                  "lastModified": "2013-12-04T02:01:04Z"
                  "vaultId": 1188, 
                  "uri": "", 
                  "type": "CARD", 
                  "accountType": "VISA", 
                  "lastFour": "1111", 
                  "cardExpMonth": 2, 
                  "cardExpYear": 2015, 
                  "created": "2013-12-03T20:04:21Z", 
                  "lastModified": "2013-12-03T20:04:21Z"