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PUT /customers/{customerId}/vaults/{vaultId}

Update payment information, or change the billing address associated with the payment.

  • For Vaults of type CARD, the expiration month and year may be updated.
  • For Vaults of type ACH, the achType may be updated.

Updating the address on a vault can be done in two ways:

  1. Specifying an addressId of an existing customer address. This will associate the vault with this existing address
  2. By specifying address, city, state, country, and zip code. This will first add the address to the customer, and then associate the vault with this new address.



required name format description
  cardExpMonth 1-12 Card Expiration Month
  cardExpYear YYYY, YY Card Expiration Year


required name format description
  achType PPD | CCD PPD - Consumer Account
CCD - Business Account


required name format description
  addressId Long, Ex: 905 id of address to connect to vault. -1 in this field will clear out the addressId of the vault. If addressId is set, all other address fields will be ignored.
  address Text, Max Length 128 Billing Address
  city Text, Max Length 32 Billing City
  state Text, Max Length 32 Billing State
  country Text, Max Length 32 Billing Country
  zip Text, Max Length 12 Billing Zip Code

Example Response

      "vaultId": 937, 
      "uri": "", 
      "type": "CARD", 
      "accountType": "MASTERCARD", 
      "lastFour": "3694", 
      "cardExpMonth": 12, 
      "cardExpYear": 2015, 
      "created": "2013-11-18T22:50:22Z", 
      "lastModified": "2013-11-18T22:50:22Z", 
      "address": {
            "addressId": 869, 
            "uri": "", 
            "address": "One Place", 
            "city": "Washington DC", 
            "created": "2013-11-18T22:50:22Z", 
            "lastModified": "2013-11-18T22:50:22Z"