Response Status Codes

These are the HTTP status codes you will receive and what they mean. See Error Handling for dealing with specific error cases. 
  • 200 Success
    The request was understood and successfully processed.
  • 204 No Content
    The request was understood and successfully processed. The response contains no body most likely because the entity was deleted.
  • 400 Bad Request
    The request was rejected due to a validation error. Likely a required parameter is missing or the data being sent is invalid.
  • 401 Unauthorized
    Authentication error with either the API User Login, Password, or Application Key. Your credentials are invalid.
  • 403 Forbidden
    You are making a call to a resource you don’t have permission to access. This can result from bad data or limit enforcement.
  • 404 Not Found
    You are attempting to access an invalid resource and it cannot be found.
  • 405 Method Not Allowed
    The HTTP method you sent is not allowed for the URI. Example, doing a POST when a PUT is required.
  • 406 Not Acceptable
    The HTTP header has an invalid Accept parameter. Currently this API only supports JSON responses. You must set Accept: application/json
  • 500 Server Error
    PayJunction server error. Report this to PayJunction technical support.