POST /webhooks

There is a limit of 5 webhook subscriptions per PayJunction Merchant ID (PJMID). For more information on PayJunction account structures, please see this section of the getting-started guide.


required name format description
* event




The webhook events that will be posted. 

SMARTTERMINAL_TRANSACTION is sent on any completed Smart Terminal transaction.

SMARTTERMINAL_REQUEST is sent when the status changes for a Smart Terminal payment request and offers greater insight into the current state of the transaction.

TRANSACTION_SIGNATURE is sent whenever a transaction is signed. Both will be received regardless of whether the transaction was initiated via the API or another service.

* url Text, URL must be HTTPS with max length 255 and cannot contain a port.

The URL that webhook events will be posted to.

For testing and initial development, HTTP URLs from can be used.

  secret Text, max length 255. If set, all sent webhooks will include a "X-Pj-Signature" header with the post. The value of the header is a HMAC hash of the entire json payload. It uses the SHA 256 algorithm and the secret as the secret key.

Example Response

	"webhookId" : "9b5fda91-1cab-4d31-8950-0439c82e38ab",
	"events" : [ "SMARTTERMINAL_REQUEST" ],
	"url" : "https://url-that-will-receive-webhooks",
	"created" : "2016-04-29T15:53:36Z"