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GET /customers?{query-parameters}

Allows you to pull a list of all customers setup in the PayJunction account.

If you are using a restricted API User, please make sure the "View other user's transactions" permission is enabled.

Search Parameters

name format description
firstName Max Length 16 Search for customers by first name.
lastName Max Length 32 Search for customers by last name.
companyName Max Length 64 Search for customers by company name.
identifier Max Length 64 Search for customers by customer identifier.

Paging Parameters

name format description
limit Max 50 Limits the number of results per page.
See Pagination.
offset Max 2^31

The index at which to start returning results.
See Pagination.

Example Request

curl -X GET "" \
-u "login:password" \
-H "Accept: application/json" \

The example request above will return the first 50 records (index 0-49). To pull the next 50 records send offset=50 (index 50-99). Generally it is easiest to grab the URL in the "next" parameter returned in the response to get the correct index for the next set of records. The next field will not be set once you have reached the last page, therefore it is important to verify the parameter exists in the response before referencing it in your code (isset() in PHP and hasOwnProperty() in JavaScript).

Example Response

"next": "",
"results": [ {
"customerId": 7229,
"uri": "",
"firstName": "Scot",
"lastName": "Martinelli",
"created": "2016-11-07T18:10:58Z",
"lastModified": "2016-11-07T18:10:58Z",
"defaultAddress": {
"addressId": 5851,
"uri": ""
}, {
"customerId": 7199,
"uri": "",
"firstName": "Brian",
"lastName": "Brown",
"created": "2016-11-07T02:27:14Z",
"lastModified": "2016-11-07T02:27:14Z",
"defaultAddress": {
"addressId": 5847,
"uri": ""
}, {
"customerId": 7041,
"uri": ""
"firstName": "MARISOL",
"lastName": "TESTCASE",
"identifier": "T977DCALOA01",
"created": "2016-10-28T21:21:38Z",
"lastModified": "2016-10-28T21:21:38Z",
"defaultAddress": {
"addressId": 5747,
"uri": ""
} ]