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GET /terminals

Minimum API Version Required: 2018-06-01
Documentation for all previous versions: GET /terminals *Pre-2018-06-01*

This API endpoint uses pagination.

To ensure all query results are received make sure to read our Pagination article.

Returns a results array of terminals/accounts available to the API credentials used.

A terminalId points to the specific merchant account terminal that the transaction will be processed on. For example: main location, second location, sales department, etc. Terminal Id's can also be found manually. Click Here for instructions to find the Terminal Id(s) for your account.

Field Format Description
 terminalId number  Identifies a specific account/batch. 
 nickName string  The editable name of the account/batch, e.g. "Sales", "Downtown Location" 
 type "CARD" or "ACH"   Notates whether the account processes card or ACH/check transactions.

As of the 2018-06-01 release, the following fields are also returned by GET /terminals:

Field Format Description
accountId UUID
(e.g. 88888888-4444-4444-4444-cccccccccccc)

Unique identifier for the Account in PayJunction. 

This is the UUID sent in the headers of webhook callbacks as Pj-Account. See Article

companyDba string The doing-business-as name for the merchant. 
companyLegal string The legal business name for the merchant.
merchantNumber string The acquirer merchant ID number used by issuing banks and card processing networks to identify the merchant account. Not related to the pj-merchant header sent in webhook payloads.

Example Request

curl -X GET -u "login:password" \
-H "Accept: application/json" \
-H "X-PJ-Application-Key: YOUR_PRODUCTION_APP_KEY" \

Example Response

    "results": [
            "terminalId": 1,
            "accountId": "38b18588-fbe4-4108-8f78-9bdcfa69d599",
            "companyLegal": "PayJunction Demo",
            "companyDba": "PayJunction Demo",
            "merchantNumber": "12345678",
            "nickName": "Credit Card Batch",
            "type": "CARD",
            "enabled": true
            "terminalId": 2,
            "accountId": "f4700f11-7268-4508-a19d-b60465164fc9",
            "companyLegal": "PayJunction Demo",
            "companyDba": "PayJunction Demo",
            "merchantNumber": "12345678",
            "nickName": "Checks",
            "type": "ACH",
            "enabled": true