POST /smartterminals/{smartTerminalId}/request-signature

Capture digital signatures on the Smart Terminal for non-payment requests, such as electronic waivers, release forms, terms and conditions, contracts, etc.

This request is not needed when charging a credit card using the request-payment endpoint. It is used to collect a signature without processing a credit card transaction.

Initiate a new signature request on the selected Smart Terminal.

  • Signature request has to be sent to the Smart Terminal as POST to /smartterminals/ {smartTerminalId}/request-signature
  • {smartTerminalId} is a UUID of a specific Smart Terminal you are requesting signature from. Example: 88888888-4444-4444-4444-cccccccccccc


required name format description
* terminalId Numeric This field points to the specific merchant account which the signature will be processed through. For example: main location, second location, sales department, etc. Click Here for instructions to find the Terminal Id(s) for your account.
 *  terms  Max Length 10,000   String of terms text that will be shown on Smart Terminal.


Example Request

curl -X POST -u "login:password" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "X-PJ-Application-Key: YOUR_PRODUCTION_APP_KEY" \
    -d "terminalId=123456" \
    -d "terms='My legal terms text.'" \

Example Responses

HTTP 200 - successful request. Response Body: 

    "requestId" : "1223e21e-9e51-484d-9612-30a2570a53d4"

HTTP 400 - validation error. Response Body: 

  "errors": [ 
      "message" : "Terminal does not exist or you do not have permission to access it.",
      "parameter" : "terminalId",
      "type" : "invalid"
      "message" : "This field is required.",
      "parameter" : "terms",
      "type" : "required"