GET /deposits/{depositId}

Provides stored information for a specific deposit identified by its depositId.

Production Request

curl -X GET -u "login:password" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "X-PJ-Application-Key: YOUR_PRODUCTION_APP_KEY" \

Sandbox Request

curl -X GET -u "login:password" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "X-PJ-Application-Key: YOUR_LABS_APP_KEY" \

Example Response

    "depositId": "7d36ace0-d5a5-43e5-814e-99e20deb5bdd",
    "depositDate": "2018-09-11",
    "merchantNumber": "12345678",
    "merchantName": "ABC Merchant",
    "amountBatch": 6438.00,
    "amountFee": 0.00,
    "amountChargeback": 0.00,
    "amountOther": -100.00,
    "amountNet": 6338.00,
    "depositAccount": {
        "routingNumber": "104000016",
        "lastFour": "1234"
    "breakdown": [
            "type": "BATCH",
            "amount": 6438.00,
            "details": [
                    "accountType": "AMERICAN_EXPRESS",
                    "amount": 100.00
                    "accountType": "MASTERCARD",
                    "amount": 5626.00
                    "accountType": "VISA",
                    "amount": 712.00
            "type": "NON_SETTLED",
            "amount": -100.00,
            "details": [
                    "accountType": "AMERICAN_EXPRESS",
                    "amount": -100.00

Response Fields

Name Format Description
 depositId UUID Unique identifier for the deposit.
 depositDate Date The date funds should be available in the business checking account.
 merchantNumber Numeric  The Backend Acquirer Merchant Identifier (MID).
 merchantName String The legal business name of the merchant. 
amountBatch Money

If the deposit was triggered by batch settlements in the PayJunction account, the aggregate of all included settlements.

amountFee Money The fees assessed to this deposit, if any
amountChargeback Money The total amount deducted from the deposit by chargebacks.
amountOther Money The aggregate amount for other activity which can change the final deposit amount into the business checking account.
amountNet Money The final deposit amount. This should correspond to the actual deposit into the business checking account.
depositAccount Object An object containing two parameters with string values: routingNumber and lastFour which shows the full routing number and the last 4 of the checking account number funds are sent to respectively.
breakdown array

An array of objects describing the line items which constitute the final deposit amount credited or debited from the business checking account.

Breakdown Format

Name Format Description
type String

Possible values are:

  • FEES
amount Money The sum of all amounts for the specified type in this deposit.
details Object This parameter will only appear if further details are available for the specified type in this deposit. See the following table for more information.

Details Format

Field Format Description
accountType String The type of account that this portion of the deposit is for. Possible values are:
  • VISA
  • ACH
amount Money The amount for the type specified by accountType