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Level 2 Data

For information on what Level 2 Data is and how it affects the costs of processing payment card transactions, please see our blog post: How Level 2 Credit Card Data Impacts Interchange Fees

Level 2 Credit Card Data Requirements

The following table lists the specific data needed and the corresponding parameter name in the PayJunction REST API. Parameters marked as required means that there is no default value for PayJunction to submit when not explicitly provided. For example, if no tax amount is provided, PayJunction will automatically submit the tax as $0.00 but cannot do the same for the purchase order.

Common Name API Parameter Required Notes
Business Name billingCompanyName *  
Card Number cardNumber * Not needed when charging a card on file (token) using transactionId or vaultId
Transaction Amount amountBase * Not needed when recharging a previous transactionId for the same amount(s).
Date N/A   Handled automatically by PayJunction
Billing Street Address billingAddress * Technically, only the street number is required. Therefore if the address is '1903 State St' only '1903' needs to be submitted
Billing Zip billingZip *  
Tax amountTax   Defaults to $0.00 by PayJunction on the backend if not submitted explicitly
Purchase Order purchaseOrderNumber *  
Merchant Zip Code N/A   Automatically submitted by PayJunction on the backend