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WEBHOOK SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE LIMITED TO 5 PER PJMID. But a single Webhook can simultaneous track multiple requestI IDs.

For more information on PayJunction account structures, see the PayJunction Account Structures guide.

TRANSACTION is sent on any completed transaction. This should be used for integrations that need to track when transactions are processed through a PayJunction account, and does not manage the transaction workflow. 

An example of an appropriate integration that uses TRANSACTION subscriptions would be an integrated software which marks invoices as paid automatically when a transaction with a matching invoice number is processed through the PayJunction Hosted Payments or Virtual Terminal services. It can also be used to track all transactions processed in a PayJunction account.

Information regarding Webhook HTTP Headers is available here.

This webhook should not be used for Point-of-Sale type integrations as it does not provide information related to the state of a Smart Terminal during the transaction workflow. Instead, the SMARTTERMINAL_REQUEST webhook should be used.