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GET /schedules/{scheduleId}

The following is a BETA API and is subject to change.

If you are interested in integrating Schedules, please reach out to our Support team at or submit a ticket through our Developer Support request form for more information about our beta program.

Get a Schedule

Returns all of the schedule details.

API version 2023-05-16 or above required to receive the surcharge object and fields in transaction response details. The surcharge object is only present if surcharge is enabled on the account. All businesses that are interested in applying a surcharge on transactions must first contact PayJunction's customer support team and submit a request to enable surcharge on their account.

Example Response

	"scheduleId" : 1053,
	"terminalId" : 51,
	"scheduleType" : "PERIODIC",
	"interval" : "MONTH",
	"intervalCount" : 1,
	"amountBase" : "1.11",
        "amountTax" : "3.00",
        "amountSurcharge" : "0.21",
        "amountTotal" : "4.32",
        "surcharge" : {
               "percentage" : 3.00000,
               "status" : "APPLIED"
	"vault" : {
		"accountType" : "VISA",
		"lastFour" : "1111",
		"type" : "CARD"
	"billing" : {
		"firstName" : "Jane",
		"lastName" : "Doe"
	"status" : "ACTIVE",
	"startDate" : "2021-08-18",
	"created" : "2021-08-16T22:14:10Z",
	"lastModified" : "2021-08-17T16:25:37Z",
	"nextTransaction" : "2021-08-18"