Postman Collection for PayJunction API

What is Postman 

Postman is an Application Development Environment aka ADE. Postman is ideal for exploring and testing the PayJunction API. You can download the PayJunction Catalog and Environment files and import them into Postman. 

Get Started

First you will need Postman. You may already have it as a browser extension or application. If you would like to get Postman, you can download the application here. It's free! Once you have Postman installed, follow these steps to setup PayJunction's API within Postman.

Production Environment

  1. Download the following Collection: PayJunction API Basic.postman_collection.json 
  2. Click Import.
  3. Select or Drag and Drop the Collection file into Postman.
  4. After you import, choose the Collections tab:
  5. You will now see the PayJunction API Basic collection.

Development Environment - PayJunction Labs

  1. Download the Collection for PayJunction Labs Environment:
  2. Upload it to your environments:
    1. Click the Gear and then Manage Environments
    2. Click the Import button.
    3. Select the PayJunctionLabStarter.postman_environment.json file that was downloaded in step 1, above.
    4. You will now see the following:

Initial Configuration

  1. Click on the environment name to edit (i.e. PayJunctionLab Starter):
    1. The url and the auth are already set to the default values for PayJunction Labs.
    2. For the appkey field, enter your API Key for the Value.
      1. You should already have the appkey from your API key request: If you do not have API Keys, submit a request here. 
    3. Click Update:

Sending API Requests

If you followed the steps above, you can now submit API requests. Here's an example:

  1. Choose the PayJunctionLab Starter Environment.
  2. Click on the PayJunction API Basic collection to expand it:

  3. Click on the Customers folder to expand it:
  4. Click the GET customers option:
  5. Click Send:
  6. Your screen should have the results of the Customers API request:

Congratulations! You can now submit API requests. Use this to explore and learn the PayJunction API. If you are a developer, you can test requests that you are attempting in your code so that you can see the results.

401 Unauthorized Error

If you do not have the correct API key or Authentication you will get Status 401 Unauthorized returned.


If you do not have an API Key or the Key is not set up correctly you will see:


Click Here to request an API Application Key

Please give PayJunction Support a call if you would like any assistance using Postman.

PayJunction Support

800-601-0230 x 3

Monday to Friday, 6am to 5pm PT