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Most Commonly Referred to Articles

E-Commerce and Phone Orders

Use this for E-Commerce or phone orders where you need to manually enter a card number.

Processing a Keyed Card Example

This tutorial will outline how to process keyed credit/debit cards through our REST Api. Generally, keyed transactions come from e-commerce, phone or mail orders. Keyed transactions should only be run if the customer is not present with their card. If the card is available, then you should process a swiped transaction, preferably via an EMV capable PayJunction Smart Terminal. Swiping cards will lower the credit card processing fees and reduce your risk. 

Production Request

curl -X POST -u "login:password" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "X-PJ-Application-Key: YOUR_PRODUCTION_APP_KEY" \
    -d "action=CHARGE" \
    -d "cardNumber=4444333322221111" \
    -d "cardExpMonth=01" \
    -d "cardExpYear=2020" \
    -d "amountBase=3.00" \


    "transactionId": 15572,
    "uri": "",
    "terminalId": 1,
    "action": "CHARGE",
    "amountBase": "3.00",
    "amountTotal": "3.00",
    "status": "CAPTURE",
    "created": "2014-01-22T21:38:25Z",
    "lastModified": "2014-01-22T21:38:25Z",
    "response": {
         "approved": true,
        "code": "00",
        "message": "Approved",
        "processor": {
            "authorized": true,
            "approvalCode": "PJ20AP",
            "avs": {
                "status": "NOT_REQUESTED"
            "cvv": {
                "status": "NOT_REQUESTED"
    "settlement": {
        "settled": false
    "vault": {
        "type": "CARD",
        "accountType": "VISA",
        "lastFour": "1111"

This is the most basic example of running a card. Most developers only want to check if the card was approved or declined. See the highlighted “approved” boolean in the JSON response. Simply check this and continue coding your application. 

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