Documentation Change Log


UPDATED: POST /smartterminals/{smartTerminalId}/request-signature

  • Added a description of the webhook event type used for signature requests on Smart Terminals near top of page.
  • Added Example Status Responses section showing the state progression of a signature request to end of page.


UPDATED: POST /smartterminals/{smartTerminalId}/request-payment

  • Added warning note explaining that keyed transactions on a Smart Terminal will not auto-decline for AVS mismatch until a future update is made.


ADDED: What should I log if I need support from PayJunction?

  • Describes best practices for timestamps as well as the important HTTP headers to log when submitting PayJunction developer support requests that include log data.



  • Added note that keyed transactions on Smart Terminals are tied to API version 2019-07-30

UPDATED: POST /smartterminals/{smartTerminalId}/request-payment

  • Updated tip at top of page to include required API version for keyed transactions on Smart Terminals


ADDED: Cancel Payment From Smart Terminal

  • Describes the new cancel functionality added by API version 2019-07-30 to the Smart Terminal


  • Added version 2019-07-30 with warning messages for integrators still using SMARTTERMINAL_TRANSACTION webhook subscription for Point-of-Sale workflows.



  • Updated text and added tip to clarify the proper usage for this webhook subscription


UPDATEDPOST /smartterminals/{smartTerminalId}/request-payment

  • Added tip stating that keyed card entry on the Smart Terminal is now supported
  • Added keyed to parameter list


UPDATEDPOST /smartterminals/{smartTerminalId}/request-payment

  • Added note stating that refunds are now supported on the Smart Terminal
  • Added note warning integrators to read the refund documentation notes before implementing refunds on Smart Terminals
  • Added action to parameter list

UPDATED: Refunding and Voiding Transactions

  • Added note stating that refunds are now supported on the Smart Terminal


ADDED: Level 2 Data

  • Describes the data required to qualify transactions for the Level 2 Data discount for B2B transactions under Interchange pricing.

UPDATED: Documentation Change Log

  • Tweaks to layout and formatting for style consistency


UPDATED: POST /smartterminals/{smartTerminalId}/request-payment

  • Added note clarifying what should the showReceiptPrompt parameter be used for.


UPDATED: Available Webhooks

  • Added note clarifying that webhook data payloads can be received twice for the same request even if an HTTP success response (code 200) was sent back by the receiver.


UPDATED: Transaction Response Codes

  • Updated to reflect that an amount to trigger a decline with transaction status code 55 is forthcoming at a future date in the PayJunctionLabs sandbox.
  • Corrected amount .35 to state this amount generates an HTTP error with status 403 instead of a normal decline response code in the PayJunctionLabs sandbox.


UPDATEDGET /transactions/{transactionId}

  • Updated the section Available Results for "signatureStatus" Response to reflect that the NOT_REQUIRED_PIN status will also now be returned when transactions fall below the limit specified by the card brand association for collecting either a PIN or signature verification.


UPDATEDGET /smartterminals/requests/{requestId}

  • Removed BETA notice for this API endpoint
  • Updated tip at top of page to note this endpoint can be used with the Signature Request API as well as payments.


UPDATED:POST /customers/{customerId}/vaults

  • Removed WEB as a valid option for the achType parameter.


UPDATED:POST /customers/{customerId}/vaults

  • Added note stating that the maximum number of vaults per customer is 50.

UPDATED:GET /customers/{customerId}/vaults

  • Adjusted wording on Pagination note at top of document to state that pagination will only be triggered on this endpoint if the limit parameter is used with a value less than 50.

UPDATED:POST /customers/{customerId}/addresses

  • Added note stating that the maximum number of addresses per customer is 50.

UPDATED:GET /customers/{customerId}/addresses

  • Adjusted wording on Pagination note at top of document to state that pagination will only be triggered on this endpoint if the limit parameter is used with a value less than 50.


ADDED:GET /deposits/?offset={index}

  • Fetch a paginated array of deposit information

ADDED:GET /deposits/{depositId}

  • Fetch the details for a specific deposit


The following updates were made to better clarify the difference in behavior between API version 2018-06-19 and all prior versions as well as to promote the new SMARTTERMINAL_REQUEST webhook subscription:

UPDATED: POST /smartterminals/{smartTerminalId}/request-payment

  • SMARTTERMINAL_REQUEST webhook example is now the default example


  • Added versioning information to Busy Terminal section
  • Added signature capture webhook payload example
  • Added tip to point out that SMARTTERMINAL_REQUEST always references the original request id as the requestId even though payment requests return this id as the requestPaymentId

UPDATED: Transaction Processing Workflow

  • Added note pointing out that payment requests return requestPaymentId while other Smart Terminal requests return this as requestId
  • Updated the Webhook Workflow section to use SMARTTERMINAL_REQUEST as the default example.
  • Added example signature capture webhook payload


  • Added versioning details for behavior prior to API version 2018-06-19


UPDATEDGET /settlements/{settlmentId}

  • Added missing REJECT status in the Breakdown Format table. 


ADDEDGET /settlements/{settlmentId}

  • Get a breakdown of transactions for a specific settled batch.

ADDED: GET /settlements/?offset={index}

  • Get a list of all previously settled batches.


ADDED: Pagination

  • Documents pagination behavior of GET endpoints which return multiple records

UPDATED: All GET endpoints which return multiple records

  • Added warning of pagination behavior with link back to Pagination article


ADDED: POST /smartterminals/{smartTerminalId}/request-signature

  • Send a signature request to a selected Smart Terminal.

ADDED: GET /smartterminals/signatures/{signatureId}/image

  • Get the signature image that was captured by Smart Terminal.

UPDATEDGET /smartterminals/requests/{requestId}

  • Returns the status of a Smart Terminal request returned by Smart Terminal payment requests AND Smart Terminal signature requests.


ADDED: API version 6-19-2018 to API versions document

UPDATED: Testing for Busy or Offline Smart Terminal.


UPDATED: GET /terminals documentation now conforms to 2018-06-01 API version

ADDEDGET /terminals *Pre-2018-06-01* added to documentation archive.


ADDED: API Change Log

ADDED: Section - Documentation Changes & Previous Versions