Documentation Change Log


Added: Pagination

  • Documents pagination behavior of GET endpoints which return multiple records

Updated: All GET endpoints which return multiple records

  • Added warning of pagination behavior with link back to Pagination article


Added: POST /smartterminals/{smartTerminalId}/request-signature

  • Send a signature request to a selected Smart Terminal.

Added: GET /smartterminals/signatures/{signatureId}/image 

  • Get the signature image that was captured by Smart Terminal.

UpdatedGET /smartterminals/requests/{requestId} 

  • Returns the status of a Smart Terminal request returned by Smart Terminal payment requests AND Smart Terminal signature requests.


Added: API version 6-19-2018 to API versions document

Updated: Testing for Busy or Offline Smart Terminal.


Updated: GET /terminals documentation now conforms to 2018-06-01 API version

AddedGET /terminals *Pre-2018-06-01* added to documentation archive.


Added: API Change Log

Added: Section - Documentation Changes & Previous Versions